14 February, 2011


*This may (THIS WILL) contain spoilers*

Rating: PG13 for, "violence and disturbing images, thematic material and some language including sexual references."
Staring: Logan Marshall-Green and Chris Messina.
Released: 17th of September, 2010.
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Horror.

My Review:
What an amazing performance. M. Night Shyamalan has again showed me why I love him. I enjoy movies that are not of this world, ones that are fantasy, and I like movies where there are things in our world that are not reality, but I'm not usually a "Scary Movie" fan. I loved that this movie said something unique. Usually when I'm watching a movie I get frustrated because they tend to depict the devil as not truly evil, some might argue that this is one of those movies. But I want to clear that up that up, if you are also one of those people who gets frustrated by that. In the very Beginning of the movie they quote a verse from the Holy Bible (1 Peter 5:8) that says "Be of sober spirit, be on alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour." and as you know already in the movie four died, three of them being ones in the elevator, and by that count I am excluding the character representing the devil. In my opinion I yes, believe in the devil, but no, I do not think he, himself comes as a human form that can move about through walls and such as it did in the movie when she disappeared. Though I am in the opinion that the devil entices people, and I believe that there is his presents here on earth. I also believe that he is totally evil. Now in this movie where the devil goes to take Tony's life, Tony being the last living human in the elevator, you could say that girl in his arms was alive, but we know she dies so let assume she is already dead. When the devil approaches him, speaking to him, Tony says to him, I believe the devil is a HE taking the human form of a woman, take me not her, her in reference to the woman who is or is almost dead in his arms. The devil does not believe that he would really give his life for that, the devil is ready to take Tony for the sins he has committed, but Tony is ready give his life away because he knows that when he hit that woman and child in there car years earlier and drove away, he knew he was wrong for that, he knew that it was his fault, and he was truly, whole heartily sorry. He then confessed what he did, he repented, to put in a term, he cleaned his heart, and as it says again in the Holy Bible (Matthew 5:8) "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". I think this movie not only was a good representation of that, but also just really well made, well acted and altogether a good movie.

To sum it up, I'd say watch it.

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