18 June, 2011

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As you may have noticed I changed my format a bit, but I hope you still like it. It has and will look a little something like this.

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My Review:

I've taken out the description portion because allot of times you get the feel for a movie by the review its self. If you have any questions fel free to comment. Thank you, Cole.

Fast Five

*This may contain spoilers*

Rating: PG13 "Violence, Action, Sexual content, and Language"
Staring: Vin Diesil and Paul Walker
Genre: Crime, action, thriller
Released: 29th of April, 2011

My Review:
I enjoyed it, it is probably my favourite of the series! For starters it takes place in one of my favourite cities Rio De Janero, Brazil. It has nice cars, good driving, and the taking down or helping to take down a crime boss, what's there not to love? Well made, alright acting. I've never been real fond of Dwayne Johnson's acting abilities, but aside from that it was good. I would say if you liked the other Fast movies, you will really love this one. I would say of the actual quality of the movie this one is the best in the series. I also feel like it wrapped up some things that you wanted to see and end to.

To sum it up, I'd say watch it. I liked it.

Law Abiding Citizen

I'm going to start by giving you some film stats, about the plot, then go into my review. *WARNING - THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

Rating: R for, "strong bloody brutal violence and torture, a scene of rape, and pervasive language"
Staring: Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler.
Released: 16th October, 2009.
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller.

Clyde (Gerard Butler) Shelton's family was killed, and the man who did it got off with not much but a scratch. Would Clyde just let that go? Would he try and avenge his families death? If he did, could he be stopped?

My Review:
It was good, but it did have allot of intense parts. It wasn't as scary as many had said, though the torture scene would make most people uneasy. It had great acting, and a good plot, I think the movie came together well. I will warn you there is a scene of rape, though not explicit, and not disgusting. You can get the idea across that something bad happened without showing it, and this movie did that.

To sum it up, not for everyone, but it was okay.

Country Strong

*This may contain spoilers*

Rating: PG-13 for "thematic elements involving alcohol abuse and some sexual content"
Staring: Gwyneth Paltrow and Garrett Hedlund
Released: 7th of January, 2011.
Genre: Drama, Music.

My Review:
It was really Good, I enjoyed it. It was sad all the things that happened in the life of Paltrow's character, and how it was portrait in the movie I think is true to allot of "Hollywood", of you will. I loved the music, and I think they really casted a group of great actors.. And not to mention the fabulous dresses. It had it's moments of being predictable as all movies really do, but I was pleasantly surprised with some plot twists. Over all I liked it, it wouldn't go on my list of greatest movies or anything like that but I would definitely recommend it to someone.

To sum it up, if you liked pure country and Water For Elephants you'll probably like this.