13 January, 2011

Knight and Day

I'm going to start by giving you some film stats, about the plot, then go into my review. *WARNING - THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

Rating; PG-13, for "sequences of action violence throughout, and brief strong language."
Staring; Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz
Released; 23rd, of June, 2010.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller.

June (Cameron Diaz) Havens has a normal life, until she get caught up with a former CIA agent Roy (Tom Cruise) Miller who was framed, and is on the lam. Can they prove him innocent?

My Review:
To my surprise, it was hilarious! I mean honestly Tom Cruise funny? Yes. It was good, it was unpredictable at times, which is always a plus. It had some language that might surprise people, but not to much. It was an average action-adventure-comedy. I liked, I laughed some.

To sum it up, it was entertaining.

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