14 April, 2012

Listen to Your Heart

*This may contain spoilers*

Rating: NR. (I would say PG-13, for intense scenes, mild language, and sexual content)
Staring: Kent Moran, and Alexia Rasmussen.
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance
Released: 2010

My review,
I really liked it. I really did. It won quite a few awards a different festivals. It was sad, and it was good. The acting wasn't the best I've ever seen, but the movie as a whole was wonderful. I thought Alexia Ramussen played her part beautifully, I feel like she was the perfect actor for the role, definitely someone to watch! It was written by one of the main characters in the movie, Kent Moran, I would love to have a look at that script, it was very well written. I felt like it gave you enough time, but not too much time on each point. I felt like it went through the usual drama-romance film routine early on, so it could focus on something else, some greater thing. Needless to say I cried through half the movie. I did a bit of searching, but I couldn't find any rating, but based on an average of films out now I would say it is a PG13 film, but on the lower side of that, more towards PG. It's a good watch, especially if you're looking for a good tear jerker.

To sum it up, I would certainly recommend it.

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