31 August, 2010


I'm going to start by giving you some film stats, about the plot, then go into my review. *WARNING - THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

Rating; PG-13, for "Intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking."
Staring; Sam Worthington, and Zoe Saldana.
Released; 18Th of December, 2009.
Genre; Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy.

The sky people (Humans) invade a moon called Pandora, where the Na'vi people live, so that they can harvest a substance called "unobtainium" that is worth billions back on earth. Along with the people who are just there for the rocks, are people who are there to study and learn about the natives. When one of the scientists who were studying the people dies, they call in his ex-marine brother to take his place because the are related and he can activate his brothers "Avatar". Soon the scientists realise just how corrupt the heads of this operation are, and join forces with the natives to try and save the world that they live on from the destruction of the sky people.

My Review;
First off I'd like to say that the world that was created, Pandora, was very interesting. It had great colour, and the Na'vi people had an interesting past. Though the animation was good, I didn't like the scene when they first meet the great toruk, it seemed very fake in comparison to the rest of the scenes with the bird-like-creatures, it looked like paper mache on a string. And one of the more interesting things was that the amazing substance that was so hard to obtain, was called "unobtainium", I know that "unobtainium" is a true scientific term, but really? They could have come up with something a little more creative. Over all it was alright, but I probably won't watch it again. Personally I got kind of bored watching it. It still had the same typical plot. It was good in a sense of it just being an average movie, made in 8 months, or a year because of all the animation. But because James Cameron has been working on this movie 15 years, I heard, it just doesn't seem that fantastic.

To sum it up, I could give or take it.

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