28 October, 2010


I'm going to start by giving you some film stats, about the plot, then go into my review. *WARNING - THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

Rating; PG.
Staring; Kevin Bacon and Lori Singer.
Released; 17Th of February, 1984
Genre; Drama, Music, Romance.

Ren (Kevin Bacon) McCormack moves to a small town, from the big city and is finding he's not exactly welcomed with open arms. He also soon found that music and dancing was against the law, though many teens including the daughter of one of the biggest supporters of this law, Ariel (Lori Singer) Moore, wish that they could just dance. Along with trying to work out life being new in town, and find himself in some trouble, Ren decides something has to be done about this law. After some reluctance he got the support of some other kids and they petitioned the town council to let them have a dance. After the proposal was turned down they felt like there was nothing they could do, until some one told them that technically over the train tracks was out of town jurisdiction, so they got permission to use a barn right across the tracks. Ren asked Ariel's dad if he could take her to the dance, and to somewhat of a surprise he said yes, because he kept an open mind and had a little change of heart. So they had their dance.

My Review;
I love it. Not only do I think it had a good story, but it was really one of a kind in 1984. It was one of the first big "Modern Musicals", the actors weren't singing, but every song that played in the back ground was chosen not only for the beat, but also for the lyrics, every song was chosen specifically for every scene and some even written special for that scene of the movie. Footloose also was about something that really happened, though the story was fictional, it was true that there were towns where rock music and dancing were against the law in city limits. I see how people could say that dancing can lead to some immoral acts, I suppose, but I do not believe that is the governments right to control dancing or music. I also thought a cool thing about the movie was that it started as a movie, it wasn't a book or a play, it was first a movie. There is quite a bit of language, and some sexual references, but no nudity.

To sum it up, if you get the chance, watch it.

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