28 October, 2010

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I'm going to start by giving you some film stats, about the plot, then go into my review. *WARNING - THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

Rating; PG
Staring; Matthew Broderick , and Alan Ruck.
Released; 11Th of June, 1986
Genre; Comedy, Drama.

This is the story about the wonderfully adventurous Ferris (Matthew Broderick) Bueller who decides it's to beautiful a day to go to school. So he fakes sick, and along with his not-so-adventurous friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) Frye and his girl friend Sloane (Mia Sara) Peterson they have a great day off school. With a suspicious sister Jeanie (Jennifer Grey), and principal Ed (Jeffrey Jones) Rooney who knows that Ferris is not sick, but trying to prove it, now that's that challenge. It gets around town that Ferris is sick, the story continues to get bigger and bigger, the whole town sends their wished for health. All the while Ferris and his friends have the time of their life. Maybe there is such a thing as the perfect get away.

My Review;
This is one of the movies on my "Ultimate Movie List". This is a movie that could never be remade, there could never be a movie to match it, it is a classic. It's like the Godfather, it tells you how to deal with everything. You put allot of miles on your parents car? "Drive it home backwards". I mean, most every one can relate with Ferris Bueller in some way. It was made in 1986 so 'PG' meant something a little different then it does now. There was not a whole lot of language, nudity, or drug/alcohol references, though if it was reviewed again and re-rated, it would probably be "PG13", just because for the most part it's only little kid movies that are PG anymore. But I would recommend it to most any one. Probably not too little of kids, but it's great. It has the rebellious side of skipping school, but the so very intelligent side of getting away with it.

To sum it up, it IS one of the GREATEST movies of all time.

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